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"Abry, E., Crouzet, P., Bernes, J. & Leger, J." Les grands ecrivans de France : Moyen-Age; XVIe siecle; XVIIe siecle; XVIIIe siecle; XIXe siecle(1800-1850); XIXe siecle(1850-1900) 1934 000074
"Allen, H.S." “Photo-electricity : the liberation of electrons by light : with chapters on fluorescence, and photo-chemical actions & photography” 1913 000156 ix+221p
"Alport, C.J.M." Kingdoms in partnership : a study of political change in the British Commonwealth 1937 000172 ix+290p
"Amos, M.S." Lectures on the American constitution 1938 000094 ix+178p
"Andrade, E.N.D.C." The structure of the atom .-3rd ed 1934 000275 xviii+150p