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Chapelle, G; Peck, LS Polar gigantism dictated by oxygen availability 1999 Nature 399 114-115
Schleser, GH; Jayasekera, R δ13C-variations of leaves in forests as an indication of reassimilated CO2 from the soil 1985 Oecologia 65 536-542
Lohrmann, A; Cabrera, R; Kraus, NC Acoustic-doppler velocimeter (ADV) for laboratory use 1994 Fundamentals and advancements in hydraulic measurements and experimentation. Proceedings, Hydraulic Division/ASCE, August 1994 351-365
Müller, H. The distribution of “Belt Sea cod” and “Baltic cod” in the Baltic Sea from 1995 to 2001 estimated by discriminant analysis of the number of dorsal fin rays 2002 ICES Council Meeting L:16 23