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Naughton, T.J.; Kreis, T.; Onural, L.; Ferraro, P.; Depeursinge, C.; Emery, Y.; Hennelly, B.M.; Kujawinska, M. Processing of optically captured digital holograms for three-dimensional display 2009 Proceedings of SPIE 7329 73290-73290
Maynard, D.; Funk, A. Automatic detection of political opinions in Tweets 2012 Lecture Notes in Computer Science 7117 88-99
Jane ková, H.; Kolman, P.; Veselý, P.; Chmelík, R. Digital holographic microscope with low spatial and temporal coherence of illumination 2008 Proceedings of SPIE 7000
Langehanenberg, P.; Kemper, B.; von Bally, G. Autofocus algorithms for digital-holographic microscopy 2007 6633 1-9
Kemper, B.; Langehanenberg, P.; Bredebusch, I. Techniques and Applications of Digital Holographic Microscopy for Life Cell Imaging 2007 6633 1-9