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Granskog, M. Investigations into the physical and chemical properties of Baltic Sea ice 2004
Granskog, M.A.; Kaartokallio, H.; Thomas, D.; Ehn, J.; Kuosa, H.; Sonninen, E. Horizontal variations in biogeochemical characteristics of landfast sea ice in the Gulf of Finland (the Baltic Sea) 2004 5-11
Leppäranta, M.; Palosuo, E.; Grönvall, H.; Kalliosaari, S.; Seinä, A.; Peltola, J. (eds) Phases of the ice season in the Baltic Sea (North of 57°N) 1988
Meiners, K. Sea-ice communities: structure and composition in Baltic, Antarctic and Arctic seas 2002
Mälkki, P.; Tamsalu, R. Physical features of the Baltic Sea 1985