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Chen, C.; Kim, W.-Y.; Jiang, P. Humanized neuronal chimeric mouse brain generated by neonatally engrafted human iPSC-derived primitive neural progenitor cells 2016 JCI Insight 1 e88632
Stankovic, N.D.; Hoppmann, N.; Teodorczyk, M.; Kim, E.L.; Bros, M.; Giese, A.; Zipp, F.; Schmidt, M.H.H. No role of IFITM3 in brain tumor formation in vivo 2016 Oncotarget 7 86388-86405
Yadav, V.N.; Zamler, D.; Baker, G.J.; Kadiyala, P.; Erdreich-Epstein, A.; DeCarvalho, A.C.; Mikkelsen, T.; Castro, M.G.; Lowenstein, P.R. CXCR4 increases in-vivo glioma perivascular invasion, and reduces radiation induced apoptosis: A genetic knockdown study 2016 Oncotarget 7 83701-83719
Maachani, U.B.; Shankavaram, U.; Kramp, T.; Tofilon, P.J.; Camphausen, K.; Tandle, A.T. FOXM1 and STAT3 interaction confers radioresistance in glioblastoma cells 2016 Oncotarget 7 77365-77377
Wei, L.; Su, Y.-K.; Lin, C.-M.; Chao, T.-Y.; Huang, S.-P.; Huynh, T.-T.; Jan, H.-J.; Whang-Peng, J.; Chiou, J.-F.; Wu, A.T.H.; Hsiao, M. Preclinical investigation of ibrutinib, a Bruton's kinase tyrosine (Btk) inhibitor, in suppressing glioma tumorigenesis and stem cell phenotypes 2016 Oncotarget 7 69961-69975