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Sullivan, K.E.; Rojas, K.; Cerione, R.A.; Nakano, I.; Wilson, K.F. The stem cell/cancer stem cell marker ALDH1A3 regulates the expression of the survival factor tissue transglutaminase, in mesenchymal glioma stem cells 2017 Oncotarget 8 22325-22343
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Roy, A.; Attarha, S.; Weishaupt, H.; Edqvist, P.-H.; Swartling, F.J.; Bergqvist, M.; Siebzehnrubl, F.A.; Smits, A.; Ponten, F.; Tchougounova, E. Serglycin as a potential biomarker for glioma: association of serglycin expression, extent of mast cell recruitment and glioblastoma progression 2017 Oncotarget 8 24815-24827
Godin, K.M.; Chacon, V.; Barnoya, J.; Leatherdale, S.T. The school environment and sugar-sweetened beverage consumption among Guatemalan adolescents 2017 Public Health Nutrition 20 2980-2987